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[ # ] When did Monica the Medium know she was a Medium?
September 1st, 2015 under Freeform

Last week, America fell in love with Monica the Medium and tonight at 8p on ABC Family Monica Ten-Kate continues to share her amazing gift with us. If you missed what that is, you can watch the series premiere above or I can tell you that 21 year old is a Medium and helps to connect loved ones with their lost ones.
Since she is 21, that means that she probably has known since she was a kid that she can talk to dead people. Believe it or not, she told me she didn’t realize that she has this special ability until she was in high school. Here she is going through the normal struggles of being a teenager, and then she starts hearing voices. What was she thinking? She said, “At the time I wasn’t even sure what it was and then I realized what it was. ” Then she added, “It was people’s deceased loved ones.”
Did she tell people as soon as she realized what it was? She explained, “I suppressed my gifts for a long time. Really, it’s the fear of saying, I might be talking to the dead and what people would think about that?”
When did she know she wasn’t going crazy? She answered that question by saying, “I think there is a difference between just hearing random voices and hearing voices and seeing things and feeling things when it pertains to a particular person you are with. Then when you repeat it and everything is connecting with them and they are crying.” She elaborated, “It’s not that I am crazy. There is a reason why this is coming through because it is there loved ones and they are supposed to hear a message and receive that healing.”
Then when she was in college, she came out of the closet and told people that she is a Medium. Before then, she was afraid what people would think. When she told most people about her gift, they told her it makes sense.
So she took their reactions and said, “I don’t care what people think or say, there’s a reason why I was given this gift and I want to start sharing it with more and more people.”
Now, just a few years later, she is sharing it with millions of people on the ABC Family Docuseries about her gift and the people she is sharing it with. You get to see her in action and people reacting to the marvelous way she gets to heal them by letting them get a message from a loved one that they never thought they would hear from again.
But Monica the Medium isn’t only about her being a Medium, it is about her searching for a man she can love and the people around her that she loves even when they are driving her a little crazy. That is what the living do after all!
So watch her tonight and every Tuesday at 8p on ABC Family as tries to deal with the living and the dead at the same time. Not an easy task, but she makes it enjoyable to watch.



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