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[ # ] Home Free is the feel good show of the summer!
July 22nd, 2015 under Fox

Each week at 9p on Fox’s Home Free, 9 teams of 2 will work together to renovate a broken down home and turn it into a dream one for a deserving family. What they don’t know is that they are the deserving family who gets the house. That’s right at the end of each episode, one team is going to keep the home they were working on. Before I tell you to get the tissues ready because you are going to cry, I am going to tell you what happens before that.
Nine teams of two, from all walks of life, each need a new house for different reasons. They are giving up their time to renovate a house for complete strangers. They have 5 days to turn a run down house into a beautiful home from inside to out. Each teams has their own skill set and that will help to rebuild the house. They will spend 5 grueling days working on the house 24/7 and when they are done, one team will be going home empty handed. Or so they think…
When the eliminated couple is asked if they want to meet the deserving couple, they will find out that they are that couple. When famed professional contractor Mike Holmes tells them the house is theirs, be prepared for the water to start running from your eyes.
When tonight’s couple is given the news, the husband starts crying hysterically in disbelief. Then it starts to sink in for the wife and she starts to cry. She declares that they can have kids now, and when she does, you will be balling along with them. Happy tears, are the best. And they will be coming every week with this phenomenal show.
All of this renovating and elimination leads up to the season finale, when one team gets their dream home. If you think you cried out all of your tears in the seven weeks leading up to the finale, I am sure you will be able to find many many many more.



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