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[ # ] Living with the Enemy is an intriguing social experiment!
July 9th, 2015 under Lifetime

Tonight at 10p, Lifetime finds out what happens if you force two polar opposites to live together for 8 days. Each week, Living with the Enemy will have two people with different opinions on subjects that they are passionate about spend 4 days living in one person’s house and the next 4 in the other person’s. They will tackle issues like Proud to be Fat vs a Fitness Addict, a Strict Mom vs a Lax Mom and a Meat Eater vs a Vegan to name a few. Each person is dead set in their ways, but are they willing to listen to the other person when they can’t escape them?
Tonight they have Kristy Love who is a Big Beautiful Woman and she loves her body, all 335 lbs of it. Michel Marley is a fitness guru and she HATES fat people.
Love moves in with Marley and her four children, and immediately Marley fat shames her. Marley keeps telling Love that she is going to die because she is so fat and forces Love to work out and eat the food she is eating. While they are eating dinner together, Love asks one of Marley’s daughter if she likes the food and the girl says no. It is then that Love points out, that this girl might grow up to have an eating disorder. Love feels that her mom is forcing her eating habits on her daughter and that might lead to a lot of consequences between the mother and the daughter.
As the women get to know each other, Love explains that issues with her mother is why she is the way she is. Then while they are talking, Love finds out that Marley has no friends, she shuts them out if they don’t meet her weight standards. In fact, at one point during the show, Marley says she doesn’t need friends because they will interfere with her working out schedule.
Now it is time for them to travel to Love’s house. Love wants Marley to hang with her friends who are big and beautiful like her. Marley starts to go off on them because they are fat and tries to make them feel bad about themselves. Thankfully, they don’t listen to her.
Marley keeps telling Love she is going to die, so they go to a doctor who checks her out to see if that is true. What the doctor says shocks Marley more, but it all goes in one ear and out the other.
Next up, Love invites Marley to take part in a photoshoot together. Love wears an outfit that shows off a lot of skin, while Marley wears a cute little black dress. While Love is taking pictures, Marley is taping her stomach to make herself look even skinnier than she already is. That’s right the skinny woman, feels the need to make herself look even skinnier.
Then Love takes Marley on a date with her and boyfriend and things get so heated between them that Marley starts saying “Oink, oink,” to the happy couple.
It all concludes with a final confrontation between the women that leads to Love kicking Marley out of her house.
Neither woman really took anything away from the experience, but we will. You see that both extremes are not the best, as we strive to remain in the middle. And yes, you will pick sides because how can you not.
Can Love afford to lose a few pounds? Yes, and Marley can certainly afford to find them.
In an upcoming episode a mom of four acts more like a friend to her kids, while another mom is more like a drill sergeant to her kids. It is interesting to see their different parenting styles and I am sure we are all going to side with the same parent because I can’t think of anyone who would want the other one as a mom.
These are just two of the episodes and I can’t wait to see the other 4 that they have completed. They include Same-Sex vs Traditional Marriage, Porn Star vs Anti-Porn Advocate and Anti-Polygamy vs. Multiple Wives.
I really hope this show does well because I want to see this show comeback for a second season. Mainly because I want to see the Liberal vs the Tea Party Member episode. What confrontation would you like to see?
Before we get to see what we want, we have to watch what they have. Tune in for a really interesting reality show that will make you change your opinion about something you thought you knew. Watching two extremists go at it, is the best way to get you to form an opinion.



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