Seriously? OMG! WTF? » CNN confuses a flag of sex toys for the Isis flag!
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[ # ] CNN confuses a flag of sex toys for the Isis flag!
June 27th, 2015 under Sex Toys

CNN’s Assignment Editor Lucy Pawle had just finished her day in the London Bureau and when she got out of work the Gay Pride march was going on. She noticed a black flag that looked a lot like the Isis one, so she called into work to tell them her discovery. She took some pictures, sent them to her bosses and went live with the information. Only problem is, it was not an Isis flag. Instead it was a flag full of sex toys. Whoops.
In her defense, the flags do look alike. But how did so many people look at it and not realize that the Arabic lettering was actually Dildos? That is sad. Not only for the mistake, but that their secret drawers are empty. Maybe someone needs to take them all to a sex shoppe, so next time they will be able to spot the difference.



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