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June 25th, 2015 under Fox

BOOM! is a game show that is a combination of many other game shows to create one BOOMtastic game show.
Three contestants, who are either friends, family or co-workers, compete together to win $500,000. One member from the team goes up as host Tom Papa asks them questions. Each question has multiple answers and each answer corresponds to a color wire on the bomb. The person answering the question has to guess what are the correct answers and cut the corresponding wire. If they cut all the correct wires, the bomb is diffused. If they guess the wrong, it explodes a liquid substance on not only them but the audience too. So the studio audience actually wants them to get the right the answer. While the audience at home, is praying for wrong answers.
If the contestant guesses all the right answers, then them and the team are still in the game and they collect a cash prize. If the bomb goes BOOM!, then they are out and the remaining contestants are still in the game. If at least one of them is around for the 7th and final question, then they have a chance to quadruple their winnings. If not, they go home with whatever they won up until the third person was eliminated.
The game starts off easy and they only have to guess which three answers are correct out of four clues. But as the game goes on, there are more clues and more wires to cut. All with a clock counting them down until the bomb goes BOOM!
The game is as thrilling and as messy as it sounds. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it from the comfort of my home, and would never ever want to be in the studio audience.
If you like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Figure It Out, then you are going to love BOOM! It is a game show on Red Bull and coffee.



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