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June 14th, 2015 under DIscovery/TLC

Tonight at 9p on Investigation Discovery’s The Hunt for Ted Bundy we learn how the detectives were able to finally capture the infamous serial killer not once but twice.
During the early ’70s, Seattle was safe place, but then things all changed. A serial killer came to town and he was killing young women. Now the quiet town, was screaming with murder.
The detectives did not have much to go on in their search. All they knew was his possible name, a sketch and what type of car he drove.
Remember this is the early ’70s, they didn’t have the technology we have today. Former Detectives Kathy McChesney and Bob Keppel will tell you how they were able to use what little information they had in order to trap their killer before he killed again.
Not only was the technology much harder to capture their suspect, it also made it harder to identify their victims. The only way they could identify them was via their dental records. Keppel tells us how he memorized their X-ray, so when he finally found their remains he was able to know which girl was which.
Eventually the killings stopped in Washington, but they fear he has moved on. He has and he is finally captured and arrested in Colorado for the murders he committed there. One night Keppel will get a call that will change everything. Bundy escaped and no one knows where he is.
Things are quiet for a while, and then the murdering starts again in Florida. Eventually the cops will catch him and you will never believe how.
Once he is in their hands, they try him for the murders in their state. He is found guilty and sentenced to death. Days before his execution, Bundy asks to meet with Keppel. When the two men meet, Keppel recorded what Bundy told him. He has not listened to those tapes since 1989 until this show. To watch his face as he hears Bundy’s voice says it all. Then you realize you are hearing Bundy in his voice as he describes how he killed and deposed of some of his victims.
I have seen many movies and documentaries about Ted Bundy, and I think this is the best one. It is really intriguing to hear the detectives who actually worked on the case talk about it.
Whether you are interested in Ted Bundy and/or serial killers or not, you will find The Hunt for Ted Bundy really interesting to watch.



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