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June 8th, 2015 under Freeform

Ben is a normal teenage boy who is about to have his life changed forever. A year ago he found out his parents are getting divorced and his dad is transitioning to becoming a woman. Tonight at 9p on ABC Family, you get to see how Ben and his family handle his dad going from Charlie to Carly on Becoming Us.
Ben has been handling Carly’s change as best as he can, but there are times when it will be harder on him than others. When Carly tells him he is going to get the sexual reassignment surgery, it becomes too much for him.
Luckily, he has his girlfriend, Danielle to help him out. She has been through what he is going through because her dad started transitioning when she was 7 years old. The two of them have become each others support systems and they are helping their dads help each other. On tonight’s episode Danielle and Ben ask Carly to take her parent bra shopping. How will Ben handle that? As any teenage boy would if he has to go bra shopping with a parent and his girlfriend’s parent.
Ben isn’t the only one having problems with all of the changes Carly has brought on to their family. His older half sister, Sutton, is getting married and she has returned home to plan her wedding. Even though Carly is not her biological dad, she is trying to figure what if any part she should play in her big day.
Becoming Us is an honest look as what it is like when your dad tells you he is becoming a woman. Over the last few months many people have become interested in transgender thanks to Caitlyn Jenner. This is a story of an average family experiencing it. You get to see what it is like when an average Joe becomes an average Jane and how the family handles it. It’s not as easy as it was for Bruce to become Caitlyn and because of that is a must watch. The more shows like this, the more accepting people will become. Hopefully!



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