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[ # ] Anson Williams shows off his Potsie belly!
May 19th, 2015 under 70s

Anson Williams shared a photo of himself in just a pair of knee length shorts and he actually has a really hot bod! Can you believe Potsie Weber is 65 years old because he has many Happy Days ahead of him with those abs. Now I get why Joanie was so infatuated with him! Well, I knew it back then too as soon as I heard him singing Pump Your Blood!
BTW here is a video of Anson Williams learning how to cook Sloopy Joes, a recipe from Taste of Home, with his daughter, Hannah!


  • Snickers

    That recipe sounds awesome! Potsie ; )

  • Akbar Al Barkum

    I would eat him with honey musturd .


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