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[ # ] Timber, Shaq crashes down again!
May 7th, 2015 under Shaquille O'Neal

We have seen actors, politicians and musicians fall, but the funniest one of them all is Shaq. I think it is because he has so far to go before he hits the floor.
Yesterday, during TNT’s Halftime Report, something got caught around his ankle and down he went as he was going after Kenny Smith. You would think he would’ve learned his lesson after Christmas and he went head first into a tree to not go after his colleague, but thankfully he didn’t.
As much as we enjoy it, Shaquille O’Neal enjoys it ever more. So much so he is giving away $500 cash to the person who comes up with the best meme for it at #ShaqtinAFall. There are already some good ones up there, so get lost in the challenger.



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