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[ # ] This reporter accidentally simulated a handjob on the air!!!
April 16th, 2015 under TV News

via FTV Live
Fox 46‘s Charity Bailey was going live from the Discover Place at the North Carolina Science Fair and she was having a lot fun with the fake coral reef. A little too much fun because her producer told her to stop playing with it. Why? Because it was shaped like something she doesn’t have, but a man does. To make matters worse for her, it was standing up erect. When it started to lose it’s, well let’s be real, erection, she rubbed it until it was standing proudly at attention!
Since she couldn’t see what was she was doing, her female co-anchor instructed her to stop before they got into any more trouble.
I guess that was not the science they wanted to their viewers to learn about that early in the morning. Although I found it more exciting than the lesson that woman was giving about coral reefs and such.
Now we know why her name is Charity, it’s because she’s very charitable.
When it comes to Charity, she took it all in with great stride. Here’s what she said about it on Facebook, “Charity Bailey this is YOUR LIFE! My embarrassing television moment has come so I should just embrace it because my coworkers are never going to let it go EVER!!!! Gotta love live television. ahahahaah ‪#‎ICANT‬” Maybe she shouldn’t have used the words come or embrace or let it go?



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