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[ # ] Happy April Fool’s Day!
April 1st, 2015 under SOW Greetings

John Oliver has taken a lot of stands on his HBO show Last Week Tonight and this week he took a stance against April Fool’s Day.
As someone who is born on April Fool’s Day, I agree with him. I am sick of presents with nothing in them, empty cake boxes and that explains so much from people when they learn today is my birthday. April the first is a day like any other and we need to stop acting like it is OK to act like a fool to your friends, co-workers and loved ones on this day of the year.
Enough is enough!
Who am I kidding? Because I was born on April Fool’s Day, I am a great prankster. So let’s make people’s lives hell today as it is always intended to be this the first day of April.
Oh and what did you buy me???


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