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[ # ] Will Bridgit Mendler’s fans like her on Undateable?
March 24th, 2015 under Bill Lawrence

Bridgit Mendler spent most of her career working on Disney shows like Good Luck Charlie. Now that she is old enough to drink, she is changing things up and playing a waitress at a bar on NBC’s very dateable Undateable tonight and every Tuesday at 9p.
Does the actress think her fans will follow her over to the much more adult sitcom? Recently, at the NBC TCA Winter Day, she said, “I mean, so far they’ve been excited, which I’m glad about.” Then she added, “I see a lot of social media stuff from them. I’m hoping that they enjoy it. I mean, obviously, it’s a different kind of comedy. So I’m thinking that it will more be something that the older fans will gravitate towards, but I think it’s genuinely funny. So I’m assuming that my fans will as well.”
Talking about social media, the cast and crew are seeing the upside of being on a show with her. Rick Glassman said, “Half my followers are now Bridgit-bots.” David Flynn added, “We all get aggressive tweets from Brazil and Argentina.” Then Brent Morin chimed in with, “Yeah, from 11 year old girls.”
Bill Lawrence, who created the show, knows the power of her younger fans because his kids are “suddenly interested” in Undateable. He joked that they are much more impressed with her than him. But no matter what any father does, the kids are never impressed with him at that age. Thus, he shouldn’t feel bad.
When it comes to Mendler’s age, Lawrence says that they have has to explain some of the jokes to her because she is too young to understand them. To make you feel old, she didn’t know what a payphone is and she never heard the song Old Man River. So if she doesn’t get it, neither will her younger fans. But that shouldn’t stop them from watching because the one thing they will get is the giggles. That’s because, Undateable is a show that every one of every age can find something to laugh about. They might not get all of the jokes, but they will get a lot of them.
When it comes to Mendler as Candance, she definitely has added a new brand of humor to the humorous show. So make sure to tune in to see her and the rest of the gang on NBC tonight.



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