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May 25th, 2007 under The View

Rosie O'Donnell will not be returning to The View after that major blow out between her and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. You go Elisabeth, you have done what so many people have wanted to do and that is silencing the big fat obnoxious pig! My friend predicts that Rosie will get one of those horrible haircuts any minute now just to piss them off and for all of us to laugh at her.
Here are all the statements that TMZ obtained by all the parties about her departure:
Brian Frons, President of ABC Daytime, issued the following statement:
"We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now, but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave. Therefore, we part ways, thank her for her tremendous contribution to 'The View' and wish her well."
Barbara Walters said "I brought Rosie to the show. Rosie contributed to one of our most exciting and successful years at "The View." I am most appreciative. Our close and affectionate relationship will not change."
Rosie said "I'm extremely grateful. It's been an amazing year and I love all three women."
I was wondering why I heard a loud cheer a little while ago, I guess it was everyone who worked on The View happy that the evil witch is finally gone. She is a big bully who could not handle that one of the people that she bullied fought back and won!
Go Elisabeth, you are my hero! 


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