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[ # ] They Might Be Giants have a giant gift for their fans!
February 23rd, 2015 under Music

If you love They Might Be Giants as much as I do, then you are going to love the fact that they are giving away an album for free on their site. Not just any record, but a live version of Flood to honor its 25th anniversary.
Last year, when the Johns were touring Australia, they were so overwhelmed by the love they were getting from the land Down Under that they decided to do something special for them. To make one of their sold out shows ever more memorable for their fans, they told Yahoo! Music that they played Flood in its entirety during one of them. The band recorded their performances on the tour and from those recording we get a free album.
Almost all of the songs sound just like did a quarter of a century ago, but some of them have a new sound. The opening to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) will amaze you. Birdhouse In Your Soul will make you feel like you are at the show. That is, if you close your eyes and start Whistling in the Dark.
This album is a must have for fans of music and TMBG.
I will admit, I am promoting this digital download, even after one of the Johns called me strange, many many moons ago. I can’t remember what I said to get that response, but it still hurts. Listening to live version of Flood makes it a little better, just a little bit.



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