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[ # ] Jared Leto is still photobombing!
February 23rd, 2015 under Jared Leto

During the Oscars last year, Jared Leto was as known for winning his Oscar as he was for photobombing celebrities during Hollywood’s Biggest Night. Yesterday, the Oscar winner was just a presenter, but that didn’t stop him from photobombing other actors. Case in point, here he is working his magic behind one of his favorite actors Michael Keaton. Not only is his face perfect, but the powder blue Tux is like the icing on a cake.
Now that was the happy part of the post, I have some sad news to share with you about Jared Leto. According to what he told Entertainment Tonight yesterday, he is done with the Jesus look. He said, “This is the last night you’ll see me with long hair.” Then he added, “This is my going away party for my hair.” Goodbye hair, goodbye.



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