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[ # ] If at first you don’t succeed at cutting of your hubby’s pen!s, try again!
January 14th, 2015 under Odd

Every now and again you read a story that gets stranger with each sentence, and I just read one in The New York Post that is a cut above the rest.
There is a woman is China who found out her husband and father of their five children was cheating on her, so she went into their bedroom and cut off his pen!s.
He was taken to the hospital and doctors were able to reattach his cheating body part. When his wife found out, she went to visit him and once again cut it off.
This time she threw it out the window and ran. Her injured husband chased after her and beat her up. The hospital staff broke up the fight and treated them both for their injuries.
Sadly this time they could not reattach his boner because they assume a stray cat or dog ran off with it thinking it was a bone.
The story gets even stranger. When his mistress was asked if she still wanted him without his love maker, she said yes. She felt since he had 5 kids, they don’t need anymore.
Which I think shows what a horrible lover he is, if she is willing to fore go sex with him for the rest of their lives together. The good news for her, is at least he won’t be cheating on her.



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