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[ # ] Empire spins its way into your hearts tonight
January 7th, 2015 under Empire

Empire begins to spin on Fox tonight at 9p and you don’t want to miss this soap opera about the Hip Hop business.
Luscious Lyon (Terrence Howard) runs his record label, Empire, and they are about to go through some major changes. He is taking the company public, and now his record company will never be the same. He has three sons and he tells them that he wants them to step up because he wants to groom one of them to take over for him. The change of power is going to come quicker for them than they thought because he has been diagnosed with ALS. A diagnosis, he hasn’t yet told them.
So who are his boys? Andre (Trai Byers) is the oldest and he wants it the most. He went to college, studied business and married a white woman he met there. Jamal (Jussie Smollett) is the middle child and he is a musician. His dad thinks that his being gay is a choice, and because of that his father doesn’t believe in him or support him. Finally, there is Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) and he is his father’s favorite. He is also trying to make it as a musician.
Their world is about to change because their mother, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) just got out of jail after all of these years. She wants her company back and Luscious doesn’t want to give it to her. Her name might be Cookie, but she is far from sweet.
Each week, we see if they can keep their Empire alive or will all of their tension make it fall.
I liked the pilot and I am curious to see what they do with it. But I will be honest I am not a fan of Lee Daniels’ directing. I find his editing choppy, confusing and it doesn’t always flow. But my biggest problem with his movies, is they always end on depressing and unfinished notes. So if he is only part of the pilot, I think I will enjoy the show more. But if he continues to play a big role with the show, I will be out.



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