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[ # ] My Strange Addiction puts the mask on tonight
January 7th, 2015 under DIscovery/TLC

My Strange Addiction is back on TLC tonight at 10p and it is strangely fascinating.
Tonight’s season premiere is all about Masking. Several men around the world dress up as living female dolls via Latex and Silicone masks and body suits. Most of them keep their persona a secret. They are afraid to go out in public dressed like that because they don’t know how or if strangers will accept them. Thankfully, there is a convention in Minnesota they can go to, to be themselves. Not only are they free to be who they are, they get to meet other people like them. This helps them to get the courage to tell others about their secret identity.
Not only do we get to go into their private lives and their convention, we also get to see one of the manufacturers of their female outerselves. They explain why they do it and what their customers are looking for.
At first when you see these people as Maskers, you think they are strange. But by the end of the hour, you understand why they do it. They aren’t hurting anyone, so I say let them do it.
If you are like me, then you probably never heard of Masking before My Strange Addiction. So tonight tune in to learn something new and to be interested in something you never thought would interest you. Who doesn’t need that every now and again, and you can get that every Wednesday night at 10p on TLC!



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