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December 15th, 2014 under Syfy

Tonight at 9p on Syfy Ascension makes its debut and you don’t want to miss this 3 night event.
Imagine a world where in 1963, President John F Kennedy hundreds people into space to save humankind in the case of a world ending event. That world happened in this 6 hour series.
It is now 50 years later, and their world is about to be shattered by a murder. Their first one since they launched. How will their perfect existence change now that they know the horrendous crime. The lower class is starting to revolt, and the upper levels are not happy about it.
People are questioning everything, like when will they return to Earth.
Then back on Earth, the secret project has been hidden for half a century. One man will question if it did happen, and he will bring his theory to the one person who can make their voices heard. Will the world finally find out what happened in 1963?
Make sure to tune in for a captivating series with a shocking twist at the end of tonight’s second hour. I have seen the first two hours and can’t wait to see what is next because it is that thrilling.



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