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[ # ] See why this construction worker is named Nob the Builder!
December 2nd, 2014 under Unadmirable People

So this couple in London didn’t trust their construction workers, so they secretly videotaped while they were out at work. What they discovered is something they never expected.
It starts off innocent enough with the guy using their dumbbell to build some muscle, but then he decides to focus on a different muscle. You see, then the guy is seen taking out his hammer and starts hammering away. In other words, he started to masturbate.
The couple was so horrified about what they found on the hidden video that they could not return to their house for over a week according to Sutton Guardian.
The worker, who was caught red handed, was let go by the company and police are curently investigating the matter.
So the morale of this story, is make sure to construct a hidden camera if you are getting some work done on your place. And workers don’t screw with the screwdriver during work hours.



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