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[ # ] A pain down there from sex sends 3 people to the ER!
November 22nd, 2014 under Sex Sent Me to the ER

Sex is all fun and games until someone gets hurt down there. Then it is time for Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC at 10p.
A body builder and his girlfriend haven’t had sex for a week because he is preparing for a competition. After he wins the title, they decide to have hot steamy sex right then and there! Part of looking good for the competition is oiling up; and they are so horny, he doesn’t stop to shower. As we all know oil is slippery. While going at it, she slips and hurts herself down there. Now instead of celebrating with their friends, they are all taking a trip to the hospital. So what is causing the pain down there?
A man returns home from being stationed overseas and his girlfriend and him can’t wait to do it. After 8 hours of vigorous sex, nothing is coming out of him. Thinking it is just exhaustion, they decide to go to sleep. The next morning it happens again and the pain is unbearable. So what is causing him not to release? Yes, it can happen boys!
Finally, a couple comes into the ER and the wife can’t even walk because she is in so much pain down there. Not only is she is pain, she feels like she is literally on fire. As the nurse tries to find out what is going on, her conservative sister and her brother in law come in. Now the original couple won’t talk. What doesn’t she want her sister to know? What is causing her burning love?
Tonight’s lesson from Sex Sent Me to the ER, is don’t be embarrassed to tell the nurses and doctors that you were having sex because it only delays the help you desperately need. And no one wants to be in pain in their privates more than they have to be.



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