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[ # ] The Simpsons meets Futurama tonight!
November 9th, 2014 under The Simpsons

Futurama is back for one night only on Fox at 8p and they are traveling back in time to do it on The Simpsons.
The town of Springfield is burying a time capsule that won’t be open for 1,000 years and Bart Simpson left a little bit of himself in it. When the Mayor digs up the hole, some of Mr Burns’ goo is in it. Will that effect the contents in the capsule?
Fast forward 1,000 years and New New York has been taken over by these strange creatures that keep evolving. So they send Bender back in time to kill the person whose DNA is responsible for them. That DNA belongs to Homer Simpson and Bender’s mission is to kill him? Will he do it?
You just have to tune in for this great crossover episode to find out and to see the Planet Express gang together again. Maybe if tonight’s show does well, Fox will consider bringing them back?



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