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[ # ] Hot in Cleveland and The Exes are why we know today as Hump Days!
November 5th, 2014 under TV Land

Hot in Cleveland and The Exes are back on TV Land tonight starting at 10p and there will be a lot of sex!
Hot in Cleveland is back and Joy (Jane Leeves) has made a decision to which guy she is going to marry. Will it be Simon (Craig Ferguson), Mitch (Tim Daly) or Bob (Dave Foley)? Let’s just say she will be more shocked when she tells him yes, than he is that she chose him. Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) will sleep with one of the men she turned down. Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) has a sex scene with Brad Pitt in a movie and it is really awkward. And finally Elka (Betty White) comes up with a way to make good on her promise about bringing jobs to Cleveland. She just had to go to NYC to come up with that idea.
Hot in Cleveland might be another season older, but the show is just as fresh and funny as its first season.

Then at 10:30p The Exes is back and Haskell (Wayne Knight) is dealing with the fact that Nikki (Leah Remini) told him no when he told her he loves her. Holly (Kristen Johnson) decides to get the two of them together and it works. How far will they go on their first date? Then we go back to high school with Phil and see how he messed up his first crush. He now has an opportunity to go out with her. Will it be just as good as when they were teens or you can’t go back to what you once had?
And did I mention Brandon Routh spends most of the episode in just his briefs? That’s right it’s Superman without his tights and he doesn’t need any cape to cover him up! Actually, he is so funny on the show, that I hope TV Land considers giving him a spinoff.
HIC and The Exes are the perfect pairing of sitcoms that will make you laugh and laugh until you pee in your pants. And who doesn’t need that on a Wednesday night?



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