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[ # ] Want to see how the McRib is made?
November 5th, 2014 under Cool Technology

If you are like me, then once a year you break no McDonald’s rule and order the McRib. Now even though you get it every time it is available, you don’t know what is in it or how they make it. Well McDonald’s launched an online series called Our Food. Your Questions, and they demonstrated how it is made from start to finish.
You will see the pork, yes they use really pork, that is used to make to meat between the bread. Then they show the grinder, the machine that shapes them and finally the finished product.
Now that I have seen how it is made, I feel a little better eating the yummy messy sandwich. In fact, I am so craving one right now, so off to McDonald’s I go.
BTW I wonder we would still love the McRib as much as we do, if it was available all year round? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm?



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