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[ # ] Constantine will possess you tonight!
October 24th, 2014 under NBC

Constantine’s story debuts on NBC tonight at 10p and you want to see this dark comic book come to life.
Constantine (Matt Ryan) is an exorcist and one of last exorcisms, damned a young girl to hell. He hasn’t gotten over that, so he committed himself to rid himself of the power. Even though, he is trying to get away from it all, the spirits still find him. So now he is back at work along with his friend, Chas (Charles Halford), who doesn’t know how to die and a guardian angel (Harold Perrineau).
Constantine is unlike the other dramas that started out as comic books on television and because of that is the perfect way to end your week. So tune in tonight and every Friday at 10p to see demonic world be part of ours.



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