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[ # ] Is CSI in trouble?
October 23rd, 2014 under CBS

CSI is CBS’s longest running show, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t immuned from being on the network’s chopping block. The show that is in its 15th season had its episode order cut from 22 to 18 according to TVLine.
The procedural is expected to be replaced by its spinoff CSI: Cyber which is getting a lot of positive buzz. So I guess CBS can only have one CSI on at a time.
That problem solved for CBS, now they have to figure out where to put Battle Creek and The Mentalist. My prediction is that Stalker will not get the bottom 9 to make room for Creek and The Mentalist will move to the summer. I also expect that NCIS: LA and Person of Interest to switch timeslots. I think POI is a better fit with Scorpion and LA with the other two NCISes.
But who knows anything can happen?
Plus, they still have to find slots for The Odd Couple and Mike & Molly. So that means at least one comedy might also have their episode order cut to make room for Oscar and Felix.



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