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[ # ] Beyonce’s BDay Deluxe Edition pulled
April 25th, 2007 under Beyonce

According to NME Beyonce was forced to pull her BDay Deluxe Edition CD because of a lawsuit. Beyonce is being sued by Des'ree for not using the song Still in Love (Kissing You) as it was licensed for her to use. Royalty Network's who licensed the song to her said she could only record it for the CD under it's original title and no video would be made from the song. Beyonce changed the song title to I'm Kissing You and released a music video, so Royalty Networks is suing her. Both their lawyers and her lawyers have decided to pull the CD until an injunction heating on May 4th. I am sure it was not that hard for her to pull the CD because it wasn't really selling.


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