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[ # ] Happyland will transport you to the land of happy!
September 30th, 2014 under VH1/MTV

Buy a ticket for Happyland tonight at 11p on MTV because you don’t want to miss the wild and exciting ride.
Happyland is kind of like Disneyland, so you would think that Lucy (Bianca Santos) would love that she grew up there? She hates it and the teenager can’t wait to get out of there. I bet you are wondering why she spent her whole life there then? Well her mother, Elena (Camille Guaty), started working there as a teen and that is when and where she met Lucy’s estranged father. The two had an affair that led to Lucy and Elena has been working there ever since. When it comes to her dad, Lucy has never met him and she knows nothing about him.
Not only does Elena still work there as a Princess, Lucy also works there but behind the scenes at the park. There is a new character actor, and he is making her life really hard. Ian (Shane Harper) came to work stoned, and he gets so overcome by the heat of being in the suit that he passes out during a live performance. Lucy is so mad that she can’t stand him. That is until she sees him without his suit on. Now there is something between the two.
Ian’s mess up is even more infuriating to Lucy because the owner of the park has come back to work there. So she wants to make the best impression and Ian is doing the complete opposite. But since he is the boss’ son, I am sure it will be OK for him. Something Lucy doesn’t know.
The next day Ian is promoted from raccoon to Prince Charming. He is supposed to perform with Elana, but when she doesn’t show up Lucy must step in for her. By doing that, it will cost Lucy something that is very important to her and she will not be happy with her mom.
Even though it cost Lucy something she really wanted, she now finds herself wanting Ian. Something her mother is vehemently against and Lucy doesn’t know why her mom wants to wreck her life.
Then in the middle of a heated argument Elena will admit something beyond shocking to her daughter. I am not going to tell you what it is because you need to see and hear it for yourself.
Once you do, you are going to love this show as much as I do. It is unlike anything you have ever seen on television. What other show takes you behind the scenes of what it is like to work in an amusement park and the people working there. None! Then throw in all the soapy goodness that goes with it and you will be in a happy land. So you can say that Happyland is the most perfectly titled show out of all the new ones this season.
So tune in tonight and every Tuesday at 11p for a show that is as exciting as a roller coaster.



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