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[ # ] Kids tell Jimmy Fallon how to improve The Tonight Show!
September 25th, 2014 under Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has been doing The Tonight Show for over 100 episodes now, and he is not ashamed to ask people how he can improve on it. Instead of going to his target demo, he went to people who are not old enough to stay up that late to watch it for at least another decade. That’s right, he went to elementary students and they were really honest with him. Little Lia, who is in fourth grade, told him, “My advice is to not go above your exspectations. If you can’t do a joke don’t do it.” Which is really good advice and spot on. Not only for him, but all the other late night hosts.
Third grader Payton comforted him after his letter by saying, “Good luck Mr Jimmy. I know you can get better.”
Finally, Sophia, who’s also in the third grade, started off her letter by addressing it to “Mr Kimmel”. See even kids can’t tell them apart. We adults are not alone.
So do you think he should follow those kids’ advice or do you think he’s been doing a good without it?



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