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[ # ] What happened to Jessica Simpson’s boobies?
September 15th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Instagrammed this photo of herself with her husband and all I could notice is that the well endowed singer was looking a little less endowed than we are used to seeing them, I mean, her. I know black makes you look thinner, but it has never made my boobs look any smaller than they are. So why do her’s? Could it be the angle? The way she standing? Why do you think she is looking less Chestica than usual? Things that make you go hmmmmmm?


  • Otto Duck

    Another sad case of a celeb thinking that skeletal looks best. She looks hungry.

  • Dang!

    The disturbing thing is that it barely looks like Jessica Simpson at all. It is such a drastic change. Between the weight loss, possible breast reduction (hey even the best of natural breasts lose stuffing with weight loss), lip collagen injections and the hair cut…shoot, she looks like a whole other person! Those lips are huge!


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