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[ # ] Drive is a thrill ride and you just don’t want to get off
April 15th, 2007 under Fox, Reviews

Drive premieres on Fox tonight at 8p and moves to it’s normally scheduled time slot Mondays at 8p, tomorrow. All I can say about Drive is that I absolutely love it!!!
The show had me at Brian Bloom’s eye (which was 5 seconds into the show) and even though he is not a series regular I am so hooked. The show is full of ensemble cast that you have liked on other shows or in other movies, but no matter where you know them from or even if you don’t know them you will be rooting for them within seconds of their first appearance.
I have to admit I am normally not into action shows, but this show is so fast moving and full of adrenaline that by the end of the hour you are counting the minutes until your next fix. I don’t know how else to describe this show but to say it is a fast placed endearing show that makes you wish you could be part of the action.
Drive is about several people from several walks of life who are forced to compete in a cross-country race to win $32 million. No one knows why they were chosen or who chose them, but they all want to win that $32 million dollars. Throughout the competition they have different check points and at these check points you don’t want to come in last as we see at the end of the first episode.
Drive stars Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men), Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flo, BOOMKat), Amy Ackers (Angel), Kristin Lehman (Killer Instinct), Kevin Alejandro (Ugly Betty), JD Pardo (A Girl Like Me), Dylan Baker (The Pitts) and Charles Martin Smith (The Triangle.)
So start engines because this is a race you don’t want to lose. Simply put Fox has another hit on their hands with Drive!



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