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[ # ] April’s last day before chemo on Chasing Life, don’t Passover Hollywood Hillbiilies
August 5th, 2014 under Chasing Life, Reelz

It is April’s (Italia Ricci) final few hours before she enters the hospital for a month long stay so she can get chemo and she wants to live life as normal as possible before then. However, when someone at works finds out her secret on tonight’s Chasing Life at 9p on ABC Family, they spread her diagnosis faster than you can say, “breaking news”.
April and Beth (Aisha Dee) go to Bruce Hendrie’s (Todd Waring) debate for Governor so that she can speak to Leo (Scott Michael Foster) about their “night” together, but he is already talking to the other press people. When Leo starts talking gibberish, it is obvious something is very wrong. Therefore, they decide that he needs to go to the hospital to be checked out.
Beth is in the auditorium while April is in the pressroom at the time. When Beth hears the ambulance, she assumes it was for April. When she finds out it isn’t, she runs into the bathroom and breaks down. One of April’s co-workers comforts her as she tells her how scared she is for her best friend. This speech will make you go through a box of tissues because it is that heartbreaking.
Beth didn’t know that the person she was crying to is April’s co-worker. When that person realizes it is April her bathroom buddy is talking about, they tell everyone at The Boston Post about her leukemia. Now, April’s normal day is anything but. Instead of letting it get to her, she writes an article that will break your heart. An article they read at the end of the episode.
But before we get to that, April goes to visit Leo at the hospital. When she’s done she runs into her doctor. The doctor shows her where she will be staying for the next month and reality has finally set in for her.
Another reality that sets in for her is that she might lose her hair to the chemo. Beth shows her what she will look like bald to prepare her if that happens.
Then it is time for April to go to her home away from home for the next month. As she leaves, the show reveals something that will make you wish you could watch next week’s episode right away. Although you will probably want some time off for your eyes to dry because there will be a lot of crying during tonight’s extremely poignant episode.
Chasing Life is proving to be one of the most powerful shows on television. Not only because it is about cancer, but because of the way they are handling it. So, if you’ve never seen the show, then you’ll want to catch up on the episodes you’ve missed on the Watch ABCFamily app and/or ABC Family OnDemand. First make sure you have enough tissues to get through it because you will need them.

If you are like me, then you are desperately going to need a laugh after Chasing Life. You will get several laughs during the season premiere of Hollywood Hillbillies on Reelz at 9p tonight.
The lease was up on the house that Mema, Michael, John and Dee Dee were staying at, so they’ve been staying in a crappy motel for the last month. None of them are happy about it, but what can they do.
Especially since Michael’s manager, David Weintraub, has been away for the last month touring with Ray-J. Now he is back and Ray-J has signed Michael on for his label, it’s time for a meeting. Ray-J might reconsider singing the ginger after he meets Mema. She actually tells him at the meeting that she watched his infamous sex tape with YKW. That’s why we adore because she will tell anyone whatever is on her mind at that moment.
Meanwhile, Weintraub will regret taking a call during their meeting because his parents invite Mema and her family over to their house for Passover. It is as crazy as you’d think it is going to be. Oy!
However, it works out because they find a place to stay. That house is will look familiar to you because we’ve seen it on another reality show. Think you can guess which one? You will just have to tune into find out.
I am so happy Mema is back on Reelz because I’ve missed her mouth so much!



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