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[ # ] Someone actually asked Henry Winkler if he’s done the Winkler?
July 3rd, 2014 under Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is the nicest guy in Hollywood, so I was shocked that a TMZ photographer actually asked him if he has ever done the Urban Dictionary version of the Winkler. What is the Winkler? It is, “A non-verbal form of communication used by men and women to initiate a hook-up and/or long-term relationship. The winkler consists of unzipping one’s pants and waving one’s penis at women until one of the women winks at the man doing the winkler thus confirming the hook-up.” As if he ever would. He’s too nice to do that and too nice to be asked about it.
So what happened is, at first the chat started off normally and the guy asked him if he knew what his surname, Winkler, means. The Fonz did not, but the photog did. Then after he explained what his last name means in an Ancestory book, the guy then told him what it means on Winkler was horrified, and yet remained polite as they crossed the street together. Then when the photog continued on with the questioning, Arthur Fonzarelli politely told him “I’m going now.” Finally ending their conversation in a way that proves why he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood by saying, “And I’m very happy to chat with you.” Seriously, how can you not love him? Most celebrities would’ve ended their conversation with I’m going now, but he ended it by telling the guy he was happy to talk to him. What a genuinely nice person he is. So much so, I just want to hug him through the computer. Don’t you want to do the same?
Not only because he is so nice, but you just want to comfort him after that line of questioning. Plus, it’s not like the Winkler is referring to him as the Tony Danza is referring to the Who’s the Boss star? Has anyone asked the Taxi star about that?



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