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June 26th, 2014 under Bill Lawrence

Undateable is NBC’s funniest sitcom in a long time, and some people might not be tuning into the hysterical comedy that airs tonight at 9p and 9:30p because of its name. Something Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence, knows all too well. You see one of his other sitcoms, Cougar Town, also suffers from the problem. It’s something he has come to accept as he admitted at a recent NBC Summer Press Day, “I’m not good at titling shows. I don’t know if that’s been a theme of my career.”
Even though the name, Undateable, might not be the best, the show’s creator, Adam Sztykiel, defends it. What he says about it makes sense as he explained that at some point we go through a phase where we are not dateable for many different reasons. So the concept of the sitcom is, “This is a show about six people that are sort of stuck in that period in a bit of a rut.”
You have Danny (Chris D’Elia) who just wants to have sex and doesn’t want to date. His sister, Leslie (Bianca Kajlich), is bitter from her recent divorce. Danny’s roommate, Bar owner Justin (Brent Morin), who just doesn’t know how to ask out the woman he likes. Justin’s bartender, Brett (David Fynn), who recently came out. Justin friend, Burski (Rick Glassman) who thinks he is smooth, but is anything but and he totally cannot and should not talk to women. Finally, there is Justin and Burski’s other friend, Shelly (Ron Funches) and I still can’t figure out why he is Undateable. And together these 6 friends are getting each other through this difficult time and some day they will be dateable. I just hope that is not for a long time because I want this show to go on and on and on.
So Undateable might not have the best name, but it definitely has the best chemistry, writing, acting and laughs on television now. Why not tune in because what else are you doing tonight. It’s not like you have a date. The only date you have is with Undateable at 9p for the hour on NBC! Don’t stand this show up. It wouldn’t like and you wouldn’t like missing out on the jokes you’ll be telling all of your friends about tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and so on.



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