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[ # ] Boogie on down with tonight’s groovy episode of Castle!
April 21st, 2014 under ABC

Castle goes back to the ’70s tonight at 10p on ABC, and you don’t want to miss this far out episode, man!
While a construction company is tearing up the sidewalk outside of a building they are remodeling, they discover a body underneath it that has been there since 1978. Castle (Nathan Fillion) realizes that the person is notorious mob boss, Vince Lamotta, who has been missing for almost 36 years. Now Beckett (Stana Katic) and him know whose body it is, they have to figure out who killed him all those decades ago. Their leading witness, Harold (Jon Polito), has been trapped in the late ’70s since his boss went missing. That means, he still thinks it is 1978 and if anyone tries to tell him anything different, it confuses him. So now Castle and Beckett have to convert everything and everyone to look just like it did back then, in order to get Harold to talk. First the Morgue, then the squad room and finally a Disco. Although the last one had already converted back to the way it was, so they won’t have to do anything there. But the first two will get a total makeover and so will everyone who works there. But will it be enough to find the person who killed Vince Lamotta since it seems like there are so many people who wanted him dead? Can you dig it? Dig it you will because tonight’s Dyn-o-mite episode might be Castle’s best one yet. So whether you Cool Cats are a fan of the show or you’ve never seen episode, there is so much to love to about it. So grab your bean bag, burn some incense and enjoy Castle on ABC tonight at 10p!



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