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[ # ] Which celeb peed in a glass jar over and over again?
March 25th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien

Some news writers are lazy, especially when it comes to the entertainment part of their newscast. So if they are given a script by a company, they will have their anchors read the copy word for word. The latest example of this was featured on Conan yesterday. Several anchors around the country read, “Frank Ocean tells a major fast food chain to buzz off and which celeb peed in a glass jar?” And yet only one of them had a grossed out reaction about the last part. I mean how disgusting is it that someone peed in a jar. It’s even worse when you find out it was an actress who had to position herself perfectly. That’s right Kristen Bell did it at the Oscars because it was the only way her dress would let her go when she had to go. If that were me, I would not have worn the dress. There is just something about sitting on toilet as compared to peeing in a jar. Her poor assistant who got stuck with the used jar.



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