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[ # ] RuPaul sums up racism and sexism perfectly and how to end them!
February 21st, 2014 under Arsenio Hall

RuPaul is a African-American Gay male and yesterday when he was The Arsenio Hall Show, the late night host basically asked him if he feels more hate for the color of his skin or who he chooses to love. What the infamous Drag Queen said next should be written down and taught to kids all over the world. He summed the need to hate perfectly and to hear why makes you think we can end it now.
Here are some the ingenious things he said yesterday on the show. On Michael Sims and other young people coming out, “If you are good at sports or whatever, that (being gay) shouldn’t matter. But unfortunately our culture is a masculine based culture. Our culture is obsessed with masculinity.” Sadly, we are and we need to move past that ASAP. Who cares how manly our men are, as long as they are good people.
On whether he feels more or less homophobia from the African-American community over others, “This is the thing, people who have been oppressed take on the characteristics of their oppressor and that is unfortunate. It’s take a lot for people to climb above what they have been taught. It takes a huge effort to do that.” Then he added, “So you would think natural allies would be black folks, gay folks because the plight is really the same. That they would be natural allies, but that is not the case. It’s because of that oppression storyline.” So let’s right now say we are going to change that storyline because everyone of us has been oppressed at one point in our family trees, so let’s end the oppression now.
So is the hate towards someone race or sexual preference the same or different? He said, “I’ll tell you why it’s the same. It has to do with the ego needing to strengthen itself through putting someone else down. That’s the similarity.” Then he added, “That’s the same with people who have been oppressed for religion or race or sexuality. It’s not even about homosexuality. It’s almost not even about any of that. It’s about the ego needing to prop itself up and strengthen and its identity.”
So how do we end all of this, here’s his simple solution, “It’s not rocket science, love is the answer.” So today instead of hating someone for whatever reason, let’s love them for that same reason.
I know this is deep, but it is also so inspirational. If RuPaul can change one person with this interview than it is a start. Hopefully he has changed more than one and I am hoping these words can change the minds of millions. So you better work and spread the word!
Seriously, I just want to give him a hug because I love love love everything he told Arsenio.



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