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[ # ] We find out why the Fox’s futuristic drama is called Almost Human tonight!!!
December 9th, 2013 under Fox

Tonight at 8p we get the hugest reveal to date on Almost Human and you don’t want to miss it. Did you ever wonder what a male robot looks like down there? Well you are going to find out because we see one the synthetics completely nude. That’s right, Fox is going full monty and your impressions of robots will never ever be the same. Although they would be much better if we can see Dorian (Michael Ealy) naked because sounds like his creator was a very generous man!
Now once we get to the first commercial break, we have sadly moved on to the episode’s plot which sadly has nothing to do with nude Dorian. In 2048, witnesses do not have to go to the courtroom to testify if it is too dangerous for them and they can do it via hologram. When 2 women who are testifying against a murderer, find their safe house is somehow compromised. One of the witnesses will be murdered and the other one will be on the run. The surviving witness, Maya Vaughn (Megan Ferguson), is a psychic medium and she is in contact with her murdered co-witness. When Maya reveals who the shooter is, it leaves everyone dumbfounded and disbelieving her. When it turns out she is right, now John Kennex (Karl Urban) and the rest of the crew have to find the murderer before he kills again and that includes Maya who is on the top of his list to kill.
Megan Ferguson is so endearing as Maya on Almost Human tonight, that she might just be my favorite guest star this season. I hope that the Fox drama finds a way to use her again because you will instantly fall in love with her.
So tune into tonight for the best episode, so far, of Almost Human’s run. If you haven’t seen this buddy cop drama that takes place in the future, then start tonight because this is the best new drama you are not watching. Plus it is a great fit with Sleepy Hollow and I know you are watching that excellent mysterious cop drama!



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