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[ # ] Tom Selleck is so sexy even dogs want to kiss him!
November 18th, 2013 under Jimmy Fallon, Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck was on Late Night yesterday and Jimmy Fallon asked him about his first acting job. So Magnum PI told him it was with a dog and a trick the trainer told him to do to get the dog to pretend attack him. Well fast forward to this year and once again he had to work with a dog on Blue Bloods. When they went to rehearse the scene the big pup put his paws on Commissioner Reagan’s chest and went in for a kiss. Everyone thought it was puppy love at first sight, but turns out it wasn’t. This trainer likes to put food in his mouth to get his pooch to do what he wants. So turns out man’s best friend was not licking Tom’s lip for a kiss, but he was doing it to get some food. What we got out of this tail, I mean tale, is a cute story and even cuter picture.
Selleck also revealed some secrets about how they film the dinner scenes on the CBS drama that airs on Friday nights. So listen to what they do and then watch as they do it. You will never watch those family meals the same way.



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