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[ # ] Is this the new Rebecca Black?
October 14th, 2013 under Music

Remember when Rebecca Black was the biggest thing out there? Well that was a million Fridays ago and now Patrice Wilson is back with a new singer and song. His new Black is Gold, as in Alison Gold and she is singing about her love Chinese food. Wilson comes in on the Panda Express to rap his way into her Chow Mein. That will make more sense when you watch the video.
And now that you are done listening to it, do you think she is new Rebecca Black? I am sorry to say my fortune cookie, does not see as bright of a future for her yet. But it was a good try for her first attempt.
So in case you haven’t Friday stuck in your head in a really long time, listen to it below on this Monday that you wish was a Friday.



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