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September 29th, 2013 under ABC

Once Upon A Time they all go to Neverland to rescue Henry and tonight at 8p you will see that that is easier said than done. Henry meets up with the Lost Boys and they have different plans for him. Lucky for him, he is rescued by one of the boys that has gone rogue. That mystery boy’s identity will be revealed and it will be on we all know.
Meanwhile on a boat traveling towards Neverland Henry’s moms, his dad and grandparents are trying to find him but there are plenty of obstacles in their way like a huge storm and mermaids. Will they get to Neverland or will they be trapped at sea forever?

Then at 9p it is time for a new mystery on Revenge. The episode starts off with Emily in the water looking like death has gotten his revenge on her. Is she? We don’t know because then the show jumps back to the past with her very much alive. Victoria has a new man in her life and Charlotte doesn’t approve. Conrad moves back into the house, but something happens that will change everything when he passes out during a speech. Did he just pass out or is he dead? Emily sets her sights on Ashley and gets Revenge on her. Which is amazing she had the time to do it because she is planning her wedding to Grayson. That’s right they finally set a date.
By the end of the episode one of the originals will no longer be part of the show, think you know who it is? Think again?



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