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[ # ] CeeLo Green adds some soul to a few great TV theme songs
September 26th, 2013 under Jay Leno, The Voice

CeeLo Green was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jay Leno asked the F*ck You singer about his talent for singing TV Theme Songs. Seems the coach from The Voice has a knack for singing the songs that open television shows. So the NBC late night host asked him to sing a few. First up was The Golden Girls, followed by The Jeffersons, Family Ties and finally The Brady Bunch. All four of those songs were made a little bit better with his voice, that is when he knew the words to them.
Seriously his excitement as he belted out those songs, just brought a big old smile to my face and I am hoping it does the same for you!
BTW it really makes me sad that shows have stopped using theme songs because they really helped to make shows better and more memorable. Think how excited you get whenever you hear the opening to Friends, Cheers or The Greatest American Hero to name a few. It’s a happiness the networks are depriving us from these days and I want them back. Do you agree?



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