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[ # ] Ashton Kutcher just plays a dumb guy!
August 16th, 2013 under Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore

When you think of Ashton Kutcher, you think of him as the dumb guy from That ’70s Show and Dude, Where’s My Car?; but in reality he is more like his character on Two and a Half Men. Kelso was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC late night host asked him about some of his side projects. Did you know he is part of a venture capital company that gets people to invest in startup technology companies? His company helped FourSquare, Spotify, AirBnB and SoundCloud (to name a few) get their starts by giving them some much needed finances. Kind of like what Walden Schimdt does on the CBS sitcom.
As I sat there watching his interview, I was very intrigued by everything he was talking about. But I also loved how humble he seemed about all that he has accomplished. You can see him crunch down as he talked about it, showing how humble he is about it.
What he wasn’t humble about and where he sat straight up again, is when he admitted that one of his assistants main task is to help him with his fantasy football team. Even though that person made Ashton the biggest loser in league last year, it sounds like they are still working for him. At least he is loyal, among many other positive things.
I would love to have a one-on-one interview with him, just to hear him talk because he is just so smart and interesting.
That is why I can’t wait to see Jobs this weekend.



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