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[ # ] Two and a Half Men casts their half woman!
August 7th, 2013 under Chuck Lorre

A few weeks ago CBS announced that they were casting an actress to play the late Charlie Harper’s long-lost lesbian daughter, Jenny, on Two and a Half Men. Today they said that Amber Tamblyn would be playing the half woman on the show for at least a few episodes according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Last week at the TCA CBS Summer Press Tour Day, 2.5 Men show creator Chuck Lorre gave us some insight why they went with a woman to fill Angus T Jones vacancy. He explained, “The show has had enough testosterone to last a lifetime.”
And on that note, Walden Schmidt and Alan Harper both ended last season as single, so does that mean Jenny and the 2 men might be sharing girlfriends? Lorre responded to my question with, “You know that could happen. You are very astute.”
One thing that won’t happen when the show returns to CBS on September 26th, is the sitcom’s name will remain the same according to Lorre.



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