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[ # ] Scott Thorson talks about Liberace and Michael Jackson’s peepees!
June 17th, 2013 under Howard Stern

Scott Thorson, who Matt Damon played in Behind the Candelabra, was on The Howard Stern Show today and he talked about two of the most famous people he says he had an affair with, Liberace and Michael Jackson. The Shock Jock had to know everything, so he asked about both of his exes pen!ses. Scott told Stern that Liberace’s “c0ck was so ugly.” Then he explained why, “he had it pumped up with silicone, so it was lumpy. And then he wasn’t circumcised.” Now when it comes to the King of Pop, Thorson claims he was small around 6″ or 7″.
Then it was time to find out how both men were in bed, and Scott claims that both of them were bad in bed. In fact Scott said on the Stern Show, “Michael Jackson wasn’t good at oral, and was a spitter, not a swallower”. Scott alleges that the musicians were not able to deep throat him and that is one of his requirements.
Hey HBO, Since Behind the Candelabra was such a big hit, why not do a sequel because obviously he has so much more to tell.



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