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[ # ] Warehouse 13 will be back for a final 6 episode season
May 17th, 2013 under Syfy

Warehouse 13 is making like the subject of most of their reality shows and becoming a ghost; and I am beyond pissed. Syfy announced today that Warehouse 13 will be back for a 5th and final season next summer. I don’t get why the show that has been a constant success for them is being given a final season. I mean do we need another staged paranormal show on the network? I think not. We need more good original programming and in the last year they have cancelled 1/2 of their watchable original shows and replaced them with the duds. Shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven and Being Human have made the network what it is today. Not shows like Paranormal Something or Haunted Something Else. Stop importing shows from Canada that lose their spark after the first season and keeps the ones you are making on the air that continue to deliver great television.
Giving Warehouse 13 a final season is the dumbest thing the network has done since it renamed itself Syfy. Years later people still don’t know if it is SyFy or Syfy.
You want us to Imagine Greater, well I imagine the greater shows staying on your air instead of the fake shows you call reality!
Long live Warehouse 13 and the wonderful cast and crew who continue giving us great TV until someone turns the lights off next summer.
So in the meantime give Syfy a big FU and watch Warehouse 13 every Monday at 10p, and make them regret their decision. Which they should.



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