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[ # ] Ke$ha’s boobs write her music!
May 1st, 2013 under Conan O'Brien, Kesha

Ke$ha was on Conan O’Brien’s show yesterday and the TBS host asked her what’s her process on writing new songs. At first she said the boring things like they come to her in a dream or she’ll just write them down on her phone or her hand. But then she shared with him that she has a new technique she came up with to write some of the music for her new album and it is something I am sure people will pay the big bucks to see done. She said, “It started as a joke, but then it has seriously produced some of my favorite songs on my new record.” Then she explained it, “What I do is I turn off all of the lights, I walk over to the piano and I gently lower myself. My boobs!” Conan responds by saying, “Your breasts?” And she elaborates with, “Yeah my t!ties.” Which he set himself him up for! But then she goes into detail how her girls touch the keys and make sweet sweet music bouncing back and forth, tickling the ivories.
Seriously are her breasts the only ones that can make boobiful music? Is that really all that special? I mean mine clap at comedians jokes, if I wear a low enough and tight enough shirt and they tell one that is funny enough for them to applaud for. Actually now they feel kind of ordinary after hearing what hers can do.
But back to her because she also kept us abreast of the meaning behind some her songs. Dinosaurs is about old men (like Conan’s age) hitting on her, Grow a Pair is self explanatory and finally Gold TransAm is about her you know what!
So in short we now know her sexual organs write music or are called a Gold TransAm. Thanks Conan, that is more information than I needed to know about her.
Oh and one last thought about the musical boobs, listen to her new album and see if you figure out which songs they wrote. I’m going with Only Wanna Dance with You, Crazy Kids, Dirty Love and Die Young.



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