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[ # ] Castle turns 100 tonight!
April 1st, 2013 under ABC

When Castle first started out on ABC, it did OK in the ratings and people thought it wouldn’t last. But as the seasons have gone on, more people have found this delightful show. Because of that the show is celebrating its 100th episode on ABC tonight at 10p and it is perfect one for this crime drama.
Castle (Nathan Fillion) has been stuck at home for 2 weeks with a broken leg and he can’t go out with Beckett (Stana Katic) on any murder cases. So his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) bought him some binoculars to keep him occupied and of course he uses them. When he notices one of his neighbors getting it on, he can’t look away. Then he witnesses the girl’s boyfriend come home and her lover escaping unnoticed. Only problem is that he was in such a rush, he left his hat there and her boyfriend finds it. (Which I guess is why Joe Cocker sang “You Can Leave Your Hat On!”) Now her boyfriend is pissed and Castle thinks he sees her murdered by him. He calls Beckett and she looks into the case, but it turns out to be a big fat zero because she says she has spoken to the dead woman who is very much alive. Castle being Castle, can’t let it go and keeps checking out the guy. The more he watches him, the more he sees him do things that look like he is hiding a body. Still Beckett can’t find anything that proves this guy killed his girlfriend. Did Castle really see a murder or his mind playing tricks on him? You have to tune to this captivating episode to find out.
I am so happy that Castle made it too 100 episodes and I really hope that it goes for at least another 100 more. It has survived the Moonlighting curse and it will survive so much more even if their victim of the week doesn’t.



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