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[ # ] Watch a man get in trouble with his wife on Family Feud!!!
March 19th, 2013 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud loves to asks risque questions on the game show and now they asked one that got a man in big trouble with his wife. Steve Harvey said to the contestants “We asked 100 men; name something you’ve never had, but you know you want it.” Well Jimmy didn’t hesitate to buzz in and give his answer, but as he said it the judges buzzed his words. So Harvey told the audience it was good one and he asked Jimmy to say it again into the mic. Well the red-faced Jimmy laughed nervously as he said “two women”. Then the camera panned over to his wife Pam, who was shocked by his wants. She didn’t take his answer very well and told him he was in trouble. But maybe she will be a little forgiving because the answer was on the board. Two men (the way I like my Ménage à trois) agreed with Jimmy over his wife.
No word if he got what he wanted when he got home, but for some reason I think he is only getting a third of what he wanted in that answer.
BTW am I the only who thought he said Blow Job instead of Ménage à trois?



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