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[ # ] Hell’s Kitchen is cooking up another hot season starting tonight!
March 12th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay

Hell’s Kitchen is back on Fox at 8p tonight with a 2 hour premiere and you don’t want to miss a yummy second of this show.
Over the years I have watched many reality competition shows and little by little I have given almost all of them up. The only ones I can’t get enough of are the ones that Gordon Ramsay is a part of, and I won’t be parting with Hell’s Kitchen anytime soon.
The 20 hopefuls, who are vying to be a head chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, are flown out to LA, but they never leave the airport. That because Ramsay is flying them all out to Las Vegas to try something different. He is going to make them to do the signature dish competition in front of a live audience there. How will they handle the pressure? Let’s just say it gets their burners started. Especially the losing team that suffers greatly as they head back to LA. The winning team on the other hand will experience the life of luxury in the city of sin. And yes what happens to them in Vegas won’t stay there because they will share every hot detail with the losing team.
Now that the teams have moved into their dorms, we find out that one of them is little “coo-coo” even thought she claims she isn’t. When you see what she does, you will side with all of her roommates and me. The next morning she will wake up sick and assume the team put something in her orange juice. Will she be well enough to continue on or will she go home?
We will find out in the second hour when the show really starts cooking. The 20 contestants prepare a dinner service and it goes just as you would expect it to on Hell’s Kitchen. Let’s just say Ramsay screams “Get out!” a lot and not everyone is going to listen.
Then it is time for someone leave the show. Which team do you think will be sending someone home, the men or the women? You have to tune in for a shocking elimination on a show that gets better with each season.
Even though the show is in it’s 11th season, Ramsay understands you have to change things up and he does them for the better. So watch the one competition show that keeps getting hotter the longer it is on!
BTW Gordon Ramsay and the 20 contestants will be live Tweeting during the show, so if you want to follow the contestants then

Contestant Name Twitter Handle
Anthony Rodriguez @AnthonyHK11
Barret Beyer @BarretHK11
Christian Rosati @ChristianHK11
Dan Ryan @DanHK11
Jeremy Madden @JeremyHK11
Jon Scallion @JonSHK11
Michael Langdon @MichaelHK11
Ray Alongi @RayHK11
Sebastian Royo @SebastianHK11
Zach Womack @ZachHK11

Contestant Name Twitter Handle
Amanda Giblin @AmandaGHK11
Cyndi Stanimirov @CyndiHK11
Danielle Boorn @DanielleHK11
Gina Aloise @GinaHK11
Ja’Nel Witt @JaNelHK11
Jacqueline Baldassari @JacquelineHK11
Jessica Lewis @JessicaHK11
Mary Poehnelt @MaryHK11
Nedra Harris @NedraHK11
Susan Heaton @SusanHK11



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